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In Vino VeritArs
(italian language)

Boca of artist


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Sips of history

In the Neolithic Era, the homo sapiens became sedentary and more civilized. The age of "wine" and vine-growing started then.
According to some scholars it was the Arians, the ancient inhabitants of Turkestan and Afghanistan, the Indo-European people ancestors, to introduce vine-growing in India, from where it is supposed to have spread in Armenia, in northern Africa, in Egypt, expecially in the Nile delta area. Here wine was known since 4000 BC.

Later on the vines of the Nile delta disappeared, because the climate in the prehistoric Mesopotamia and in Egypt was not so fit for vine-growing and the production went fading.

In the 2nd century BC was starting to become a common, daily drink, after the Romans, who invented the grafting, had diffused vines and wine throughout all the territories they had conquered, so developing a flourishing commerce. In fact the Mediterranean area has got favourable environmental conditions for vine-growing and wine-making, to the point that the Greek used to name Italy Enotria ("land of wine").