The sisters Paola, Anna, Elena Conti are more and more convinced that producing the Boca DOC, a long ageing wine, could be compared to the creation of a work of art which can reflect daily life, full of passion, authenticity and simplicity.

Wine, as a cultural value through which it is possible to extend the traditional concept of enological tasting to an experience to be lived on many levels: sensory, intellectual, evocative, emotional and artistic.

Following this idea "il rosso delle donne" (women’s red) was born, at the beginning only with a new aesthetic image with the creation of the artistic label by Oreste Sabadini for the Boca Doc vintage 1996 and 1997. Soon after followed by a large breathing cultural project, into which develop creativity, research and experiment, creating events that include contemporary art exhibitions , art workshops, books presentation, poetry reading and theatre pieces.

"Il rosso delle donne" is an open project where collective and individual resources can be valued with the aim to create new and creative cooperations, in a land with great cultural, natural-environmental, gastronomic and touristic potentials.

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Within the project "il rosso delle donne" (women’s red) winemaking and art promotion:

"ARTIST BOCA": bottle collection of BOCA doc Conti vintage 1987

General aim: "il rosso delle donne" is an open project where individual and collective resources are valued, it promotes collaboration with artists, associations, organizations, corporations and other subjects with the purpose to give birth to new and creative sinergies, in a territory with great cultural, natural-environmental, gastronomic, enological and touristic potentials.

Specific aim: to create, within the collection "rosso delle donne" a section "Boca D’artista" with a bottle collection of Boca Doc Conti 1987, decorated by the invited artists

Information, terms, rules:

- It is possible to partecipate only on invitation
- Creation of a work of art with free tecnique on a specific object: that is a bottle of BOCA doc Conti 1987.
- Invitations will be given first of all to the artists that already take part in the activities of "il rosso delle donne" (exhibitions, atelier, launchings) and to all the other artists interested and willing to contact the organization committee.
- A bottle of Boca doc Conti 1987 will be given to be decorated by all partecipants.
- The artworks will enter the collection when delivered. The tecnique is free.
- All artworks will enter the collection "il rosso delle donne" especially in the section Boca d’artista with exhibition in our "Cantine del Castello Conti" in Maggiora. We will give an attendance certificate.
- "Il rosso delle donne" collection will take care of advertising , introducing the artworks in the everyday activities of cultural promotion. We will take care about future development, presentations, launchings and exhibitions in other realities.
- The choise of the artists is made by the organization committee of "il rosso delle donne".
- A web page will be created on purpose in our web site, updated with the list of artists and news concerning all the activities carried out.

In order to partecipate in the project the artist must donate his artwork,created on the bottle of Boca Doc Conti, to the collection "il rosso delle donne" and agree to the above-mentioned terms.
We thank you for the contribution.

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