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In Vino VeritArs
(italian language)

Boca of artist


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About us

We are three sisters joined in the art of passionally living the connection to the land, a cultural-cultivational asset inherited from our parents and expressed through the wine that produce:

Despite following different career paths, whilst taking care of our family run business, we found ourselves involved in a deeply vital and essential process of growth towards our vineyards and life itself.
It's a story as many similar others in the wine making world. A story of hard work, courage, patience but of great love most of all. A love that can be traced in the defence of our specifically tailored characteristics, in the respect for the soil safeguarding its values and its slow but indispensable motions of time needed to produce a fine vintage wine.

Improving is our way to say thank you to those who preceded us and as such our parents. In their footsteps we remain faithful to produce a treasured high quality wine.

"Le Cantine del Castello" are in fact born thanks to our father Ermanno in 1963 in Maggiora (Piedmont region) preserving the legacy inherited from the dedication of his ancestors to the wine and vineyards culture.

The label "Il rosso delle donne" created by the Venetian artist Oreste Sabadin and dedicated to the vintage year of "Boca doc 1996" doesn't only highlight the shifting year of our wine making business activity passing from our parents to us daughters but it also becomes emblem of a cultural project with broad horizons within which to develop and experiment, create and research blending art while conveying our wine making values. As time goes on we are becoming more and more convinced that the making of an excellent wine is similar to the making of an art masterpiece capturing the essence of daily life permeated by genuineness and simplicity.