The Castle

The Cellar is the heart of the Castle , built in the early 60s and born from the dream of our father Ermanno, with the aim of creating a "fortress-casket" in which to defend, preserve and respect a liquid treasure, a long-aged wine, so precious to him that it deserves a special place. A castle not only for "protection", but above all for welcoming and sharing.

For us it is a place of informal hospitality, which reminds us every day of the importance of nourishing one's creativity, the tenacity in pursuing the realization of dreams, in the continuous dialoguing spirit of sharing.

In the wide spaces of the Cellar, in which all the processes that lead to the creation of our wines take place, are also the tasting and sales rooms in which, periodically, they also alternate artistic and cultural events. It is still possible to organize vertical tastings of Boca DOC starting fromvintage 1984

For information: or +39 0322 87187

Tutti i nostri vini sono acquistabili anche attraverso La Bottega del Castello

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