The vineyards are three hectares divided into seven vineyards, situated in Maggiora. Starting with the two separate plots in the Motto Grande and Cappelle localities, which have been planted by our father in the early seventies, they're one hectare of total area composed by a porfidic soil of volcanic origin, dry and acidic, ideal for cultivating rustic vines such as Nebbiolo, Vespolina and Uva Rara, which make up Boca: a long aging wine, which is a territorial expression where can you find the depth of the complex minerality that characterizes it and guarantees an enviable longevity.

In recent years, we have planted an hectare of vineyards cultivated according to the traditional "Maggiorina" system, whose term comes from the name of Maggiora town. This system consists of a row scheme divided into squares of four meterseach side; in the center of the square there was a vine "stump", consisting of three plants supported by eight poles: two placed in the center of the row, next to the block, and the other six on the sides. Traditionally in these vineyards were planted different grapes, especially black grapes, of native varieties.

At the beginning of 2017 another hectare is added: the new vineyard at Pettirosso , a hill bought by our father in the 80s, already with the aim of bringing the vineyard back to an area historically suited for the production of Boca doc.

For the management of the vineyards, run by Elena, only copper and mine sulfur are used in reduced quantities and other defense inducers such as propolis, algae, etc., with minimal tillage work. The fertilization depends on the need of the vines: from green manure to dung. Most of the work is done manually (in Maggiorina system there are also phytosanitary treatments) including the harvest, which usually takes place between the end of September and the first two decades of October.

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