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Colline Novaresi doc Nebbiolo is a wine made only from Nebbiolo grapes.
Born to be drunk in its youth, although it can, by its nature, boast good aging, it is a wine “elegant and transparent to the eye… intriguing for an always vibrant, acidulous, mineral, rocky tension; it is a fresh wine with a crunchy fruit ... that remains inside you when the bottle is finished, when you have those sensations of withered flowers, ancient perfumes, the image of the grandparents' house and the factor that burns the branches.
Familiar sensations that force you to attract the attention of the host to ask for another bottle. It is a wine that, to use a term in vogue today, I would define "vintage", set between the fresh jovial vitality and references to a time that was .. "taken from Simone Ferro @Simo diVino

Grape variety: Nebbiolo
Yeasts: autochthonous
between late September and early October. Fermentation and maceration on the skins for about two weeks with one pumping over per day. Bottling takes place in the year following the harvest.
Label by the artist Oreste Sabadin


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